Terminal Earth

(As a solo dev on this project, I worked on the design, production, communication and edition) 


Terminal Earth is a survival road trip.

The world you once new turned into oblivion, can you survive it and join other survivors in the eldorado ?

Just like an escape game, find a way out of this hostile hand crafted world !


Fight zombies, large mutants and insects.

Use a large arsenal of weapons (More than 30 different weapons : swords, handguns, rifles, rocket launcher etc...)

Survive unleashed nature. (Sandstorms, acid swamps, lava)

Hand crafted open world.

Vehicles are key to survive. (Full physics, deep and realistic gameplay mechanics)

Navigate through this world using your map and compass.

Explore the world horizontally and vertically. (Each floor from each building can be explored)

Use items you loot to craft weapons and tools.

Solve puzzles to unlock new areas or tools than might help you escape.

Carrefully manage your vitals, thirst and hunger.

Find pieces of lore as old journals throughout the game, encouraging you to explore even more.

Day night cycle (With deadly nights)

Time is key ! (Resources you loot do not respawn, your time on the map is limited)

Atmospheric music tracks

Character creation

Pet your dog companion !